The Art of Craigery

When one of your friends sends an email to yourself and another friend, and that other friend replies to said email with the question "What is your favourite part of Daniel Craig's body?", you know that receiving the following image as a response is going to start something:

Especially when the response to the above, is this:

After which I weigh in with this:

I go off for a cup of tea, and when I return this is in my inbox:

And I suppose I don't help matters by responding with this:

I'm at this point unsure of where else this can go.  Then, this appears:

The filename "Daniel RAdCraig" made me laugh almost as much as the image. I decide to unleash the elephant in the room:

Yeah. That's right. Daniel Craig David. What have you guys got now, huh?

The wonderfully inept retention of the original cheek-circles makes this even better, if you ask me.

But, of course, I had to take it to the next logical step:

That's it, surely. Where else could this go?

Jesus fuck.

Thanks to Sam and Sam for the pictures/idiocy.