I went out for a run after work the other day. It's really hot at the moment but I still wanted to go because I sit at a desk for most of the day and it's nice to go out and have a bit of exercise. I headed out for a quick 5K around the park and back.
I quickly realised I'd messed up. It was far too hot to be legging it up a tarmac path in the blazing sunshine. By the time I got home I didn't seem to be able to stop sweating. Steam was pouring off me. I got in the shower to cool down but that's when things started going really south.
I was so overheated that I started literally dissolving in the shower. First my arms fell off, breaking up on the shower floor in grainy clumps, then my legs broke up and the rest of me ended up a big melting heap swirling down the plughole.
I shouted to Joan to tell her what was happening. She's very quick-thinking and resourceful so she grabbed a sieve from the kitchen and stuck it under the drainage pipe to collect the chunkier sediments of me as I flowed down from the bathroom. Eventually she ended up with a fist-sized amount of Eddy piled up in this sieve. She popped the sieve on the rotary drier in the garden to dry me out for a few hours.
Once I'd dried out we were able to assemble me from the crystallised lumps. Phew! 
Although, I'm about a hundredth of my previous size, so we have had to make some adjustments. Joan has to pick me up and put me places, such as the kitchen counter when it's my turn to make dinner. None of my clothes fit; this morning I got lost in one of my trouser pockets for several hours. And I can't be left unsupervised around our cats, as they keep trying to disembowel me for fun.
In conclusion, I would advise people to be careful running in hot weather, but that being said it is a great way to stay fit. You get to explore your local area, take in plenty of fresh air, and if you join a running club you'll meet lots of new people!