The Animals In This Colouring Book Are All Stoned

My girlfriend just got back from a trip to Germany. One of the presents she brought back for me was this colouring book.

Apologies if any pictures are blurry. I was laughing quite hard as I took these.

This tree snake is about to suggest ordering a Pizza Hut.

This lion is watching a Carl Sagan documentary and thinking some pretty deep thoughts right now guys.

This parrot and rhino have both forgotten what they were talking about.

This panda is really hoping his friends haven't noticed how quiet he's gotten since they all had that camberwell carrot.

This monitor lizard is absolutely digging Kyuss' 'Blues For The Red Sun' album.

This giraffe has just noticed how weird eyebrows are, you know, if you think about it?

This elephant is just absolutely trying to hold it together right now.

This gazelle is 90% sure he's walking really strangely and that everyone can see it.

This gibbon has told everyone to shut up for a minute and listen to the way the light fittings buzz.

This marmoset has just absolutely gone. 

This gorilla is about to ask everyone if they fancy watching 2001: A Space Odyssey again.

This chimpanzee has been staring at you for an hour.

This koala is going to touch everything in the room, including your face.

Nobody's really sure who invited this orangutan but he seems cool enough I guess.