10 Amazing Facts About Football

Apparently to get big on the internet these days, you have to write lists. People love lists.

Want to know what I love? I love football. As I write this, it's T-minus 24 hours until the Premier League kicks off (haha get it? "Kicks off", like in football).

So let's combine MY favourite thing (football) with YOUR favourite thing (lists), and add a dash of OUR favourite thing (the internet).

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  1. Steven Gerrard is an English footballer from Liverpool, England, UK. He is commonly given the nickname “Legs”, due to his tendency to detach one or more of his legs before flinging them at members of the opposition team.

  2.  Until 1992, games that finished a draw after 90 minutes were often resolved with a post-match game of 'Butt-grab' between the opposing captains. This was abolished at the start of the 1992/3 season, following the much-publicised 'phantom finger' incident during a League Cup tie at Elland Road.

  3. The term 'goal-mouth' has a more literal etymology than most football fans realise. In the early years of the game (1880-1900), the objective of the game was to get the ball into an actual mouth. It was common in those days for the 'town fatty' of each team to perform this role, much to the delight and amusement of travelling fans.

  4. The suffix “United” in a football club’s name is traditionally given to a team formed from the merging of two or more teams, Newcastle United being the most famous example of this. The suffix 'Athletic' (e.g. Charlton, Wigan) is given to teams who are really, really good at running. The suffix 'Wanderers' (e.g. Bolton, Wolverhampton) is given to teams who frequently get lost on the way to games.

  5. Wayne Rooney is made almost entirely of egg.

  6. One of the most influential figures in world football is Argentine manager Helenio Herrera, whose Internazionale team is widely associated with the defensive Italian style known as 'catenaccio' (literally, "a dog's dick").  Herrera was also an early example of the manager as ‘mentor’, and remains famous for his inspirational pre-match talks. These birthed such memorable quotes such as “He who doesn’t give it all, gives nothing”, and “What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without having a poo?”

  7. The half-time tradition of eating orange slices was originally introduced to combat scurvy, due to the unexplained prevalence of 17th-century pirates in the professional game.

  8. Uruguayan footballist Luis "Chewy" Suarez has a notorious obsession with biting. Some of the lesser-known objects that Suarez has bitten include: a wheelbarrow full of bricks, sixteen dogs, the corner of his mum's best chair, a marzipan Boeing 747, memories of a rainbow, Malcolm McDowell, one of those spoons with holes in it, a knitted question, two plumes of hardy fuss, an acorn's worth of yes, and a smelly wallet.

  9. The most amount of goals ever scored by one team in a single game is 6, by Coventry City in their 6-7 defeat to Aston Villa in 1975.

  10. Contrary to popular belief, it is fully legal within the rules of Association Football for outfield players to pick the ball up with their hands and run with it. However, due to administrative error, this fact has not yet been passed on to any of the 4,000 professional footballers currently playing the sport today.